Annnnd, we’re back!

I started this blog many years ago when stay-at-home-momming + blogging was a definite thing. This blog (named Really Really Much by Addie) saw us through the the addition of two little girls, a move to Seattle, then back east to Virginia Beach. After a twelve week stint on bed rest and one measly shout-out to newborn Jack, the blog updates ended and many real life adventures began.

During a four year blogging hiatus, life involved numerous doctor appointments, specialist visits, physical, occupational and speech therapy. Jack was diagnosed with hemiparesis (in his case, mild weakness affecting the right side of his body) and Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Parenting Jack opened our eyes and hearts to the possibility of special needs adoption. Enter Benjamin aka “Yang Yang.” It turns out, there was a three-year-old little boy with Down syndrome waiting for us to see him and call him our own. And in January 2016, after ten months of anticipation, we traveled to China to bring home our son. And what a year it’s been.

This blog has been resurrected to update our friends and family as we navigate Ben’s newest diagnosis of complete tracheal rings. This condition is so rare I’ve only been able to connect with ONE mom who has walked this road. Besides sweet little Clementine’s story (which I’ve read at least a dozen times) and a recent video on our hospital’s website, there are no other personal stories out there.  My hope is to document our journey so there is just a tiny bit more information available the next time a scared mom googles “complete tracheal rings.”


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